The Committee would encourage Groups to keep in touch as much as possible in line with the current Covid-19 restrictions. Please contact the Groups’ Secretary in the first instance if you need any help or advice.

Advice from the Third Age Trust on Covid-19

September 2020 – This document is the latest advice on Restarting Interest Groups from the Third Age Trust.  The latest information can be found on the Advice section of the Trust website under Advice but you need to set up an account and log in. However, to view the document please click here

The Third Age Trust has published an Outdoor Risk Assessment Checklist for use during Covid-19 restrictions please click here.  This will need to be kept up to date as restrictions change.

Group Leader Handbook – This is now reviewed and the latest version (pdf) (October 2020) may be viewed by clicking here. Please contact the Groups’ Secretary if you have any queries

The Third Age Trust website has a learning section which has articles on a number of topics which may be of interest,  Please click here

First Aid  St John’s ambulance have produced a free pocket sized guide which covers 5 of the most common conditions where straightforward first aid could be the difference between a life saved and a life lost.  If Group Leaders think this would be useful please click here  

First Aid App – St John’s Ambulance have a free app which could be very useful to some of our groups – especially to walkers and amblers. Even basic first aid knowledge can be the difference between a life lost and a life saved.  St John’s Ambulance’s free first aid app puts potentially life saving advice at your fingertips. Available for AndroidTM, BlackBerry® and iPhone® mobile device users, the app provides easy to follow advice on a range of first aid scenarios, from minor injuries to major emergencies. We recommend that Group Leaders  consider whether it might be useful to their group to download this app which can be found here

Accident / Incident report form If any group leader requires an accident report form it can be downloaded by clicking here (pdf format) if you require any other format please email or write to Secretary, Formby U3A, PO Box 216, Liverpool L37 1XQ
Please send a copy of the completed form to the Committee to the above address

Summary U3A Insurance – to view or print a copy (pdf) of the latest U3A insurance summary please click here

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