Wednesday meetings and Thursday workshop

Monthly meetings

October 13th at 2pm Matthew and Becky are a brother and sister partnership based in Formby who make handmade soaps and body care products. They will talk about and demonstrate how they make Tigermuffin Soaps.

November 10th at 2pm  Paul Atherton will talk about The True History behind Viking Voices. Paul is an historical author with a particular interest in the Cuerdale Hoard, found close to where he lives.

December 8th at 2pm Wendy Williamson will entertain us with her Sing me Merseyside show

Meetings are usually held on the second Wednesday of each month (except August – no meeting) in Holy Trinity Parish Hall at 2.00 pm and normally last just over an hour (please see map at the bottom of the page for Wednesday and Thursday locations)

Please remember to bring your current membership card to show at each event and activity – for 2021 the card is ORANGE

Monthly Thursday

Monthly Workshop

Members are sometimes a bit puzzled by what happens at ‘The Workshop’ on the Thursday following the Wednesday meeting (except August) and wonder what WORK we do there! So…….… here’s some enlightenment.

The ‘Workshop’ is the small modern building behind Flames, from Chapel Lane go through Holy Trinity gate and it is on your left. It’s open from 10.30am to 12 Noon.

Here a few reasons to call in:

  • Free cup of tea or coffee
  • Pick up your monthly Newsletter and collect Newsletters for your Group
  • Meet representatives from your Committee
  • Find out about new groups
  • Read the information about all our groups in the files which our Group Secretary, has kindly compiled
  • Enjoy the talks and presentations that are sometimes arranged by your Committee
  • Obtain information about National U3A courses from our Secretary
  • If any concert or theatre trips are being planned, usually someone is available to collect names and payment
  • Meet members from other groups
  • The inaugural meeting of new groups sometimes takes place in ‘The Workshop’
  • Pay your £9 annual membership fee in January or February
  • Visit the Book and Jigsaw exchange

Please pop in you will be most welcome