The group meets on the 4th Wednesday of each month and consists of 5 couples and one single lady. We take it in turns to host the meetings in one of the couple’s houses. Each month everybody contributes £5.00 towards the cost of the wine. The host purchases 6 bottles of wine of their choice and prepare tasting notes for those wines. The host prepares the table providing water and bread nibbles to help clear the palate between tastings. Each wine is tasted and discussed. After the tasting any residue wine (and perhaps a further bottle) is taken as an accompaniment to bread with pâté and cheese, provided by the host, to round off a thoroughly enjoyable evening. The group has been running some 10 years with minimum changes in personnel. Currently there are no vacancies
  Group LeaderBrian Young
  Weekday4th Wednesday
  LocationIn members' homes
  EmailGroup Leader
  VacanciesNone as of October 2019
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