Welcome to Formby u3a groups page.

Groups are the backbone of Formby u3a and in the eyes of our members the most important part of this great organisation. We want you to be able to join and enjoy the groups that interest you. We therefore work with Group Leaders to try to find vacancies in the groups of your choice and establish new groups where members have expressed a need. If you are having difficulties joining any of the groups below, and Group Leaders and Co-ordinators cannot help you – please contact me, Pam Ashton, Groups’ Secretary. Email:

Group Leaders Page – please click HERE

Please remember that from January 2021 onwards, you will need your ORANGE Membership Card at all events, including group activities.

If you do not renew your membership you are deemed to NO LONGER BE A MEMBER of Formby u3a and cannot partake of any of their activities as you will no longer have valid insurance cover

Bridge Co-ordinator:  Nikki Harrison is the Co-ordinator for the Bridge Groups.  She is the point of contact for members wishing to find out more about the different groups and which would be the most suitable group to join according to their experience.  Contact Nikki on 871308 or email Nikki

Local History Co-ordinator:  Lis Harvey of LHG 15 has volunteered to be the Co-ordinator for the Local History Groups.  Contact Lis on 621168 or email Lis

Walking Co-ordinator:  Jeremy Swinson of Walking Group 3 has kindly volunteered to liaise with all the walking groups, including ambling and fell walking. Contact Jeremy on 871509 or email Jeremy

Current List of Groups below

Amblers 1Amblers 3Amblers 4
Art and PaintingBird WatchingBoard Games - Inactive
Book Club 1Book Club 2Book Club 3
BoulesBowlsBridge 1
Bridge 3 - InactiveBridge 4Bridge 5
Bridge 6 - InactiveBridge 7Bridge 8
Bridge 9Bridge 10Bridge 11 - Inactive
Bridge 12Bridge 13 - InactiveBridge 15
Bridge 16 - InactiveBridge 19 - InactiveBridge 20 - Inactive
Bridge 21Bridge 22Bridge 25
Canasta 1Canasta 2Canasta 3
Canasta 4Canasta 5Card Making
Chess for BeginnersCookery GroupCribbage
Current AffairsCyclingCycling for Softies
Discussion GroupFamily History 1 - InactiveFamily History 3
Fell walkingFilm Fun - InactiveFloral Art 1
Folk GroupFrench Improvers 1French Improvers 2
Gardening 1Gardening 7 - InactiveGardening 8
German - Inactive GolfGuitar
Latin - InactiveLiterature 1Literature 2
Local History 2Local History 4 - InactiveLocal History 5
Local History 6Local History 7 - InactiveLocal History 8
Local History 9Local History 10Local History 12
Local History 14Local History 15Local History Project - Closed
Lunch Group 2 SundayMahjongMusic Appreciation 1
Opera Appreciation 1Opera Appreciation 3Outings
Poetry AppreciationPuzzles - InactiveQuiz
RecorderScienceScottish Dancing
Scrabble 2Scrabble 3Sew and Chat
Singing for PleasureSkiffle GroupSnooker - Inactive
Songs of the SixtiesSpanish (Basic)Swimming
Table TennisTheatre Visits in the North WestUkulele
UnoWalking 1 - InactiveWalking 2
Walking 3Walking 4Walking 5
Walking 6Watercolour Painting 2Wine Appreciation 2
Wine Appreciation 3 - InactiveWine Appreciation 4 - InactiveWine Appreciation 5
Wine Appreciation 6